Sunday, October 30, 2011

Antwerp harbour

IMG_0045 (683x455)

Hi guys,
this is my first look from Antwerp.
Wearing one of my new purchases, the purple Gucci belt, bought at the designer outlet in Parndorf :)
Weather was so good over there, much warmer than in Vienna and the sun was shining the whole day :D

IMG_0113 (683x455)
IMG_0111 (683x455)
IMG_0102 (683x455)
IMG_0084 (683x455)
IMG_0067 (683x455)
IMG_0053 (683x455)
IMG_0135 (683x455)
IMG_0047 (683x455)
IMG_0044 (683x1024)
IMG_0033 (683x1024)
IMG_0024 (683x455)
IMG_0022 (683x455)
IMG_0115 (683x455)
IMG_0015 (683x455)
IMG_0007 (683x1024)
IMG_0139 (683x455)
CHOPARD Scarf, GUCCI Belt, ASOS Kobalt Blue Leather Satchel Bag/Heels, LIEBESKIND BERLIN Leather Bracelet, H&M Shirt/Skirt, BARRY M. Berry/ESSENCE Golden Glitter Nailpolish

Lots of love



Back from Antwerp!

IMG_0102 (683x455)

Hi lovelies,
I´m back from my short trip to Antwerp and Amsterdam. Had an amazing time (as usual when I´m there..:D)
I have lots of pictures to show you, starting with a little sneek peak of my first Antwerp look at the harbour :)
More for you tomorrow, after 10 hours traveling by car I´m so ready for bed ;)

Lots of love


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OFF to Belgium/Holland :)

Hi guys,
as we speak I´m off to Antwerp and Amsterdam for a couple of days :D
Will post you as soon as I´m back in Vienna all my impressions, love Belgium and Holland, can´t wait to get there ;))

On another note: my babygirl Coco is pregnant :O
We´re awaiting 4 babies, I still can´t believe it.. my little girl is getting a mommy :)
This is going to be so exciting :D
Maybe you did already recognize it in my last post with her..?! :) But her tummy is so much bigger now!!!
We went to a doctor yesterday and she said that the babies will arrive in about a month :O
Did you know that dogs are pregnant for just 64 days?! Unbelievable! Aaahhh....!!! :))

coco´s baby tummy



Sunday, October 23, 2011

heavy knits, leo fur and biker boots

IMG_0189 (683x455)
Hi guys, this is what I wore yesterday, a day spent in the city with my friends strolling around, exploring new cute little shops, shopping, eating, drinking chai lattes and having fun! I´m currently in love with my biker boots, wanna wear them everyday, hope you don´t mind :D 
Especially the combination of these babies with my leo fur jacket is a look I enjoy a lot! Anyways, I´m a big fan of heavy and big knits as well, like the golden-pale pink sweater I bought in London at TOPSHOP. I definitely wanna buy more of them, perfect for layering ;)
I also changed the size of my pictures, they are much bigger now, so you can see me better :)
What do you say??

IMG_0027 (683x455) IMG_0002 (680x482) IMG_0108 (683x1024) IMG_0061 (683x455) IMG_0069 (683x1024) IMG_0106 (683x1024)
IMG_0126 (853x1024) (569x683)
IMG_0089 (825x1024) (550x683)
IMG_0037 (683x455) IMG_0131 (683x455) IMG_0190 (683x1024)
IMG_0221 (683x1024)
Mulberry´s in burgundy - big craving
IMG_0242 (683x455)
IMG_0238 (683x455)
tried second from the right and loved it!!
IMG_0248 (683x455)
happy about my new purchases - sequined high waisted shorts in black and silver :D
MOTEL Leo Faux Fur Coat, CARVELA Biker Boots, TOPSHOP Knitted Sweater, H&M Grey Shirt, AMERICAN APPAREL Leggins, FRANCK MULLER Watch, DIOR Ring, LOUIS VUITTON Galleria Bag, ASOS Skull Necklace, CUSTOMIZED SWAROVSKI Candy Bracelet, BARRY M. Strawberry Ice Cream/ESSENCE Golden Glitter Nailpolish




Saturday, October 22, 2011

faux leather love and stockings

   Hi guys,
I love my new faux leather dress, combined with an old faux fur jacket, moschino belt, stockings (LOVE) and my leo killer heels by ASOS.
Do you like the result?
I am so happy the weekend is finally here, which equals: NO work!!! (which is unusual for me), shopping in the city, dinner with my girls, cuddles with my doggies, catching up the newest episodes of gossip girl, sleeping in late tomorrow morning, shooting for the blog (of course :D), and beeing lazy for the rest of the weekend. Sounds so good, right!? :)) What are you up to my lovelies?? I would love to hear... Will post you tomorrow todays look!!! Stay tuned ;))

IMG_0043 IMG_0036

H&M Faux Leather Dress/Fur Jacket, Moschino Vintage Leather Belt, ASOS Stockings/Leo Heels/Lipstick Ring, Liebeskind Berlin Leather Bracelet, Franck Muller Watch, Dior Ring, Barry M. Strawberry Ice Cream/Essence Golden Glitter Nailpolish



Wednesday, October 12, 2011



Hi guys,
 I am sure you already know that I LOVE STUDS :D
The blazer is one of my favourite studded pieces, and I love it even more together with my new biker-babies and asymmetric dress!
What do you say!?

Zara Asymmetric Dress/Studded Blazer, Carvela Biker Boots, Liebeskind Berlin Leather Bracelet, Essence Pop Pastel Blue Nailpolish