Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OFF to Belgium/Holland :)

coco´s baby tummy
Hi guys,
as we speak I´m off to Antwerp and Amsterdam for a couple of days :D
Will post you as soon as I´m back in Vienna all my impressions, love Belgium and Holland, can´t wait to get there ;))

On another note: my babygirl Coco is pregnant :O
We´re awaiting 4 babies, I still can´t believe it.. my little girl is getting a mommy :)
This is going to be so exciting :D
Maybe you did already recognize it in my last post with her..?! :) But her tummy is so much bigger now!!!
We went to a doctor yesterday and she said that the babies will arrive in about a month :O
Did you know that dogs are pregnant for just 64 days?! Unbelievable! Aaahhh....!!! :))




  1. Hi! thanks for the message on my blog ;) you are right about photos, but you can click on them to enlarge ;) ps I follow you!!

  2. OH MY GOOOOOD! Coco is pregnant?!
    The babies are gonna be to die for!!!
    Can´t wait to see them :D
    And have fun at your trip babe, I would love to see these cities once :) can´t wait for your pics, make a lot!!!

  3. hello!! yesterday I send you a comment!! I like your blog and I follow you!!! the outfit it´s beatiful!!!

    I invite you again to see my blog and if you like you can also follow me!!!

  4. very nice photos!love your outfit on the last one!!!oh that cutie is having babies???that's so wonderful!!!

  5. so toll! gratuliere! hätte ich nicht schon so viele katzen, würde ich dir eines abkaufen. werden bestimmt richtige prachtexemplare :-)
    holland/ amsterdam ist so schön. war im august auch für ein paar tage dort. es ist einfach eine wunderschöne stadt!
    alles liebe

  6. Aw congratulations :-) I wish humans were preganant for 64 days as well. Today is my duedate and I am hoping the baby will come today or this weekend. It's been a long 40 week wait :-)

  7. These photos are so nice. Love your outfit too.

  8. Ohmygoodness! Congrats on the soon to be new arrivals! :) Have a fab trip, doll! :)

  9. Lucky you! Hope you have a great trip.

  10. beautiful shots! really want to visit Holland :)

  11. You have a lovely blog FOllowing you!!
    I'd love it if you check out mine and tell me your opinion!!


  12. love your style!!amazing outfit!


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