Saturday, August 18, 2012

ice creams and mulberry

ICE CREAM-LOVE I wanted to show you this outfit for a while now- remember my first POPSICLE vs. MULBERRY look? So here is PART II
This is an outfit which totally describes me and my style: cute, playful and girly but still kinda sexy.
Ok, often I like to be the rockchic with studs and stuff but when I see candy and fruit patterns I can't resist, never :D
You can't image how many stops and stares I got today in the city, walking around with my ice cream shirt and licking at my cone, haha. I know I'm a crazy child, but I love matching my looks with food or other fun stuff. I seriously love Vienna, but when it comes to fashion and style I think my city is reeeallly old fashioned and boring. If you wear something like this, or if you just wear LIPSTICK (which is not nude) people are getting crazy, watching at you like you are an alien. I mean, come on, are you serious?!
I never know if those people like what they see and thats the reason why they are staring, or if they think I'm the freak, haha =D
Whatever, I'm interested what you guys think, and I really stopped caring about what others might think about me - and I encourage you to do the same! Don't care about what others say about you and your style - wear whatever you like or what you think is the most comfortable for you - also if you look different than others - that's a good thing in my opinion :)
Wish you a gorgeous weekend, it's already saturday - wow - time flies....

Thanks again to my sweet friend Anna who came totally exhausted from work and still did a great job snapping those pics of me ♥ 

IMG_5565 IMG_5526 IMG_5473 IMG_5586 IMG_5601-2 IMG_5570 IMG_5437 IMG_5533 IMG_5638 IMG_5536 IMG_5463 IMG_5661 IMG_5674 IMG_5670 IMG_5549
Pictures taken by Anna Verlezza

MULBERRY Bayswater Bag
ASOS Ice Cream Cropped Tee
NISHE Mint Shorts
KENNETH JAY LANE Strawberry Ring
JUICY COUTURE Charm Bracelet
FRANCK MULLER Crazy Colors Watch
KITSON Ice Cream Necklace
MAC Rare Exotic Lipstick
ESSENCE Miss Lavender Nailpolish
H&M Lips Ring



  1. Das Outfit ist bezaubernd! <33

    Und du wie immer wunderhübsch :)


    1. DANKE DANKE MELLI!!! So süüüüss!
      Küsschen aus Wien :***

  2. Fabulous look, doll! So girly! Loving those paper bag style mint shorts! The jewelry is all so adorable! You have some major style :)

  3. Thanks so much Cathy! I'm happy you like it :))

  4. Love your whole outfit!,

  5. I love that shirt and those shorts are so cute! I want a pair of those shorts so bad, but I think I am going to learn how to make them myself! Your outfit is just great and of course your photos are always so pretty! xx Pip

  6. Beautiful Melina! this outfit is wonderfull and very very sweet :) I love it, and also you look very cute.
    Nice accesories too, ths is one of my favourites ever.

    Have a pretty weekend,
    see you!

  7. What lovely colors, and the ice-cream printed top is so darn cute! Love the look and your accessories are so much fun!
    Juneli from Fashionably yours

  8. sweet = DD

  9. Love the look. Very playful. That bag is perfect!

  10. love your skirt <3

  11. Die Bluse ist total süß. Super schönes outfit und wie immer tolle Kombination :) Der Schmuck ist wunderschön!

  12. Love this outfit in icecream colours!


  13. I like your style and blog very much! Let's follow each other :)

  14. lovely outfit! :)

  15. stupendo questo look .. adoro il gelato e la blusa è favolosa!!

  16. Great outfit! love everything you're wearing! :)

  17. Such a fabulous look darling - you have a delightful blog. I just love your jewellery in this look and the Mulberry is fabulous isnt it!

    Eda ♥

    Cheap Frills Jewellery Giveaway on my blog ♥

    Follow me on twitter ♥

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! you are so adorable! I'm so glad I am now following you!


    Pants on Parade

  19. candy outfit!! love the rings!

  20. Hi Melina. Thank you for comment! I follow you :)
    You are very stylish!!!!

  21. Babe you look totally gorgeous in your high waisted shorts, and your ice cream cone in your hands! Don't let anybody make you feel bad about what you were! I loved your outfit! And your photos! Congrats to your friend for snapping them!
    By the way, when I was in Vienna, I thought the exact opposite about the people living there. There were many weird styled people walking in the streets and no one stared at them! I felt like for the first time in my life, I could wear anything and not have people staring at me and my outfits. Total freedom! So I found it strange that you got stares! I guess in the end, all countries are the same in this matter!

  22. Great bag! This outfit is so much fun. I especially love your ice cream top...too cute!

  23. To die for beautiful outfit you are so beautiful..
    I just created a new blog i would love if you can visit, if you decided to give me a chance to see more of my post in the future by the deciding to follow me..I PROMISE TO FOLLOW YOU back ASAP*
    WAITING ON YOUR VISIT can't wait for you visit and to be part of my new fashion dolls subscribers..xoxo

  24. I like how you mixed the prints!
    I follow you! Hope you'll follow me back!

  25. I love ice creat too,so much :) This is so cute post :)

  26. Everything about this outfit is just gorgeous!! I love the ice cream print of your top and all the candy colors. Let people stare, you look gorgeous doing your thing! hehe.

  27. Love the colors of your outfit !

  28. wow so cut outfit!! fantastic pics!!!

  29. gefällt mir gut, ich mag das Pastellige und die Inszenierung, das passt alles soo schön zusammen! :)
    ich finde nur, dass es die Hälfte der Fotos locker auch getan hätte:D

  30. wooooooooooooooooooooooow! soooo amazing dear!
    this look really suits you, no wonder all the people are staring! ur freakin gorgeous!! let them stare and do ur thing, ur great in it!!!
    And i love the fact you post many photos, its always fun to watch them ;)
    keep postin babe!


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