Tuesday, November 29, 2011


lollipop (460x622)
hi lovelies,
I´m sorry for my absence, I´m just sooo busy :((( I don´t have time for anything!!
I´m in the middle of exam weeks and there´s nothing but studying :S
The good news are, the babiiiieees are here! Don´t know if you guys remember that I´ve told you that my dog was pregnant :) They are sooo cute! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!
But it´s also a lot of work..
Hopefully(!!) I will be able to make a proper outfit post on the weekend, it´s my plan :D
Till then I leave you with some pictures a friend of mine (you can check out his facebook page HERE ) took one week ago, with all the things I like, muffins, lollies, donuts, macarones, haha.. I think they turned out really nice, and what about my cute dog spikey craving for the chocolate muffin sooo badly ;ppp LOL!

IMG_3243 [] (533x800)
IMG_3297 [] (533x800)
IMG_3345 [] (533x800)
IMG_3340 [] (533x800)
All Pictures taken by M. Spielauer

Lots of love



  1. Amazing pictures! I love the idea of doing photoshoots with sweets and chocolate <3

  2. fun!


  3. Amazing pictures! I saw them on Facebook the other day. You look gorgeous, really beautiful. Your dog is so cute. My dog is always craving what I'm eating. hehe I would love to see pics of your new babies. They must be adorable.

  4. Thanks so much, i think i'm gonna post some babypics soon :D

  5. omg! what grea pics!!
    the first one is my fav!!

    New post on my blog: I'm waiting for your comment!

  6. Super süß ;3 auch dein Hund. Die Bilder mit den Streuseln auf deinen Lippen finde ich am besten! Schönen Abend.

    lg Neru
    p.s. verfolge dich jetzt endlich ;D

  7. I really like these pictures.
    These pictures with your dog are so funny.

  8. WOW WOW WOW!!!
    Just saw this post! you look so hot honey, love alll the photos!
    And your sweet dog is the cuuuutest i want to steal him from you!! :D


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