Friday, November 18, 2011

winter/fall goodies

IMG_0014 (683x455)

Temperatures are dropping, it´s freezing cold and barely impossible to put a foot outside without big warm scarfs, tights over tights, hats and cozy jackets. However, when we are talking about crisp temperatures nothing feels better than staying at home in pj´s all day long, sipping on hot chai lattes or apple tea, watching a movie or just make yourself comfy at home. I´m getting sooo lazy during winter! I really should drag my butt outside and go out a little bit more often :)) But exam weeks are coming up faster than I want to admit, so I HAVE TO stay at home most of the time because books are waiting for me :S
Here is a little post about my winter pleasures ;)

What you see on the first picture?
I must have told you a thousand times that I recently love purple, silver and gold haha, I´m sorry for that, I will stop because you all already know ;)
However, you will see many items in these colours here!
New Gucci Belt I have shown you already in my Antwerp look and my first models own polish called purple passion, definitely will not be my last one :D (actually I have ordered some new bottles, they are on their

IMG_0001 (683x455)
New favourite lipstick by Chanel, I´ve been wearing non-stop (e.g. in the last 3 outfit posts)

IMG_0013 (683x455)
IMG_0005 (683x455)
Metallic golden nails by Nail Rock

IMG_0006 (683x455)
IMG_0015 (683x455)
my buddha candle holder with vanilla perfumed tealights and my favourite perfumed candle by Acqua di Parma

IMG_0012 (683x455)
Louis Vuitton Leo Scarf

IMG_0016 (683x455)
MAC Up The Amp Lipstick and Barry M. Berry Nailpolish

IMG_0023 (683x455)
Golden Gucci Belt

IMG_0026 (683x455)
Silver pants (you have seen them in gold HERE) soon I will show you an outfit post with the silver ones

IMG_0029 (683x455)
Silver Sweater (I´m really craving for a golden bronze one as well :p)

IMG_0034 (683x455)
Burberry scarf and earmuffs to keep me warm

IMG_0040 (683x455)
My favourite golden-furry house-shoes during winter

IMG_0042 (683x455)
Gold and silver foil, glitter nails

IMG_0045 (683x455)
Golden Lips by MAC

IMG_0047 (683x455)
cozy new headband

IMG_0049 (683x455)
Biotherm Eau Pure Bodyspray and Lotion, I know, this is more summer-related but just re-bought it and use it everyday, so refreshing :)

IMG_0051 (683x455)
my new favourite foundation by LUSH

IMG_0056 (683x455)
black and golden tights (a must-have for me)

IMG_0057 (683x455)
my new dream babies ;)

chanel (683x455)
Chanel (wintercolours) Black Pear, Péridot, Particuliére

IMG_0004 (683x455)
Burberry Pyjama

IMG_0008 (683x455)
(winter)fruits and tea
5782429960_ea15b21848_b (683x512)
I must admit I eat more sweets during winter, such as delish pink cupcakes :p
(Eeeehhm.. ICE CREAM doesn´t count, ok?! haha)
How about you?

Lots of love and coziness




  1. All is so great and beautifl.
    Burberry scarf and pygama : so classy and nice.

  2. Congrats for picking all those fantastic things, I love absolutely everything, hun u gonna rock with your look this fall!;)
    In order to celebrate its first b-day I'm having a giveaway on my blog- Glam Chameleon Jewelry necklace. Check it out, maybe u'll like it!!;)
    Jelena (

  3. What great items you have here! Mmmm, the cupcake looks delish :)

  4. Wow, that is a lot of amazing items!! Love your nails.

  5. Der goldene MAC Lippie gefällt mir sehr gut ;). Überhaupt hast du sehr schöne Favoriten. Die Strumpfhosen finde ich klasse, genauso wie den LV Schal, ich glaube so einer liegt hier auch rum :3. Goldene Lacke für den WInter sind perfekt! Schönes Wochenende.

    lg Neru

  6. What an amazing post! I loved your Chanel lipstick in light brown, and your Chanel nail polishes. And of course you know I'm in love with your metallic nail wraps. Your new wedges are also stunning, and that cupcake looks so delicious. I'm craving more and more sweets these days.

  7. i really want some of that barry m nail varnish!

  8. Melina! So jealous of your purchases! Love the gucci belts! The burberry scarf and earmuffs, the chanel nail polishes, your gold manicure, and burberry pjs! So gorgeous!


    Erin @

  9. so many great stuff, awesome! I love silver pants and gold nails, amazing!

  10. Love all your picks!! you have a great taste in style :)))

  11. Danke für deinen netten Kommentar. : )

    WOW tolle Sachen ....der Chanel Lippenstift und Nagellacke sind meine Favoriten. : )

    Lust auf gegenseitiges folgen? Folg uns doch einfach wenn du willst und wir folgen dich zurück.

  12. i love all your purchases. xx

  13. wow, i love the nails!!!
    great purchases! especially the metallic jeans and sweater


  14. Love the gold nails & models own nail varnish.
    Following you :)

  15. this is awesome, keep it up! i'll definitely be coming back!
    and i hope you'll come by and visit sometime soon!

  16. Hey ! thank you for your comment

    I really like the Chanel nailpolishes, great color and all the lipsticks. I bought a light pink Mac one recently aswell, really like their stuff.

    Cool silverpants !
    fashion &lifestyle in Belgium

  17. great goodies, I must admit, i eat a lot of sweets too.. but can't blame myself when they always look so jummie..


  18. Gucci belts looks awesome! Love your new boots and golden nails!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  19. great items! love the chanel lipstick and leo scarf!
    I am also such a gold and silver lover, its so trendy this year :)
    And i def agree i eat much mor sweets during winter but you can also hide exra pounds better ;)


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