Wednesday, December 2, 2020

shakti in full force - trusting my body and natural birth

I can’t tell you how beautiful it is to connect with the feminine power - Shakti - in its full force. when I think about myself a couple of years ago, I was so disconnected from my body, from being a women - like most of us are these days. today I fully trust my feminine energy and I fully trust my body. and i allow pregnancy to show me all these new sides of me and all these new ways to fully anchor in myself and in trust. when i think about giving birth to my baby, I feel so strong and empowered! I truly am able to feel Shakti energy creating through me. i am not scared anymore. I am not disconnected from myself, like I used to be in the past. I feel trust. I feel power. I feel peace. I feel happiness. I feel joy. and all of this came after fear, after I was diving deep into it. this is so important guys - to feel and explore instead of suppressing. I want to empower every women out there to fully live their feminine energy and to encourage you girls to go for a natural birth (when it’s your time and if possible of course). I remember myself years ago being so scared of giving birth - wow how much i changed. I remember how I told my mum I would go for a planned c-section, because I didn’t want to feel all of this. the pain. the feels of going through changes of my body. the other day my mom told me how happy she is that I found my true self and my strength again. and i really want to encourage you to connect to your feminine side. is it through yoga, meditation, reading, slowing down, deep talks and exchange with other women (so important and one of my favorite things to do!!!).. ways and possibilities are endless, we just have to start. đŸ’Ș 



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from Vienna with ♡